I just learned something about the prophet Jonah thanks to The Bible Project:

Jonah pops up in one other OT book, prophesying that an awful, evil king Jeroboam II will win a battle. But before that can happen, a different, more holy prophet Amos basically overrides this with his own more powerful promise that the king’s army will lose because he’s so evil. Jeroboam loses. Jonah slinks off until…

He is called by God to deliver a message that will save an Assyrian city even though he’d already proven himself to be an awful person. And immediately Jonah hates that God wants to save Ninevah. He’d rather they be wiped out by God. He tries to run away rather than see them saved. He tells sailors during a storm caused by his rebellion that he’d rather drown than be saved and used by God for this purpose. It’s not until he is in the belly of the whale that he mostly just gives up.

He finally relents and makes it to Ninevah where he gives a half-hearted FIVE WORD SERMON to try to meet the bare minimum of God’s command. And when it works in spite of himself, he’s angry that God saved the city because he hates that God is merciful and compassionate. He is so angry that God loves “the other” that he asks God to kill him.

The Book of Jonah ends without us knowing if he ever comes around to God loving people who aren’t like him. It’s entirely possible that he saved a city of people and lived the rest of his life bitter that God had used him for good, angry that the Ninevites weren’t annihilated.

Holy crap.