There was a band in the nineties named 3LB Thrill that I saw open for Matthew Sweet in 1995. They had a song called Pinata and while I’m very certain that it wasn’t about Jesus’ betrayal and crucifixion, I think about it every Holy Week.

Jesus comes to us where we are. And he loves us. We love him back. It’s easy to do. He’s lovable. But then it becomes apparent that following Jesus will cost us something. Is that when we take up our own cross or look at our shoes as he’s dragged away?

I’ve often been in that group of Christians who want to skip from Palm Sunday straight to Easter. I want to go from the parade through Jerusalem straight on to the resurrection. But we must go to the cross. We must see the suffering. We must come to terms with the evil that is in all of our hearts. That’s how we come face to face with the scandalous love that God has for us.

I know that something remains.

Here are the lyrics…

They found you in a bar
Hopeless and sincere
And told you everything they thought you’d wanna hear
They looked in your eyes and filched every prize
But I know that something remains

They hung you in a tree for everyone to beat
Split you down the side
Spilt you on the street
They grabbed what they could and left with the goods
But I know that something remains

I believe in you
Though you’re black and blue
Though you can barely breathe
hanging out to dry
Stripped and brutalized
I’ll kiss the blood that you bleed

They hung you in a tree and left you all alone
Filled their greedy hands and then they all went home
They made you a joke and laughed when you broke
But I know that something remains