When I was in college, there was a wall of inboxes with our names on them at the Wesley Foundation (the campus ministry of the United Methodist Church). One day I found a book in my inbox with no explanation entitled Growing in Faith: a Guide for the Reluctant Christian by David Yount. It’s been with me ever since.

I’ve never found out who put that book in there or even if it was intended for me. But to this day I know it as a strong thread in the rope that held on to me as I reached out across the chasm of life without purpose or direction other than my own pleasure and destruction.

As I turn today from watching the morning news, of imperfect people acting inside a corrupt system and head into my annual spiritual journey through the season of Lent, Yount reminds me…

“Rather than impose many strictures, Jesus gave but one law: to love. Love was not only the way to fulfillment but was fulfillment itself.”

“The extraordinary story of Jesus makes sense only as God’s initiative to bring an end to this revolt and to mend this flaw that makes us enemies of ourselves and our fellow creatures.”

“When I was in college I lost the faith of my childhood and painfully searched for reasons to restore my confidence in God’s existence – this time as an adult….At length I capitulated to the fact that we do not prove God’s existence; he affirms ours. All the time I was pursuing God he was pursuing me.”