Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers in my life!

I’ve been blessed with an incredible Mom. She’s instilled a love of learning, not only in my sister and me, but in my kids as well.

My Grandmama was the most gentle, loving person I’ve ever met and my Grandmother Dorothy is the best cook who never opened a restaurant. I’m ruined from ever enjoying a biscuit or roast or fried okra or coconut cake anywhere that’s not on Wesley Chapel Road in Ralph, Alabama. She’s the best.

My great-grandmothers were incredible women too, faithful and strong and I’m grateful I got to know three of them.

Now I find myself married to an incredible woman who astounds me regularly. I’ll never forget her steely resolve to see Lily born when things were looking grim a couple of years ago. She works hard inside and outside of our home and, whenever she can, she eats lunch with Josh at his school on her way to the store where she often works late into the night. I see parts of her personality in each of our three kids and it brings me great joy to know they’ll carry that spunk, creativity, sense of justice and fun with them forever.

Through my wife, I’ve also got TWO incredible mothers-in-law who support our family in so many different ways.

To those mothers in my life who will read this and to those who have gone on to glory, I love all y’all and are so grateful you’re in my life!