In the Gospels, we find Jesus calling a Zealot to be one his disciples. The Zealots were freedom-fighters to the Jews and terrorists to the Romans and there was a sub-group known as “dagger men.” We also find Jesus ministering to Roman Centurions and healing a soldier who had his ear cut off in the arrest at Gethsemane. We find Jesus chastising his disciples when they suggest taking up arms to achieve their goals. We find Jesus loving members of the state and members of the oppressed, extolling both to give up the use of force to get their way.

We DO NOT find Jesus rolling his eyes, calling them “animals” or muttering, “Well what do you expect? You know how THEY are.”

Violence begets violence. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword. And all of our enemies are creations of God and made in His image. There is tremendous evil in this world. And in our own hearts. If we cannot accept that, then at whose altar are we truly worshipping?